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Currently, environmental pollution due to non-recyclable and biodegradable plastic and waste have become an urgent and serious issue for the whole world.




Among many solutions, BAMBOO is an ancient one to the modern problems. The bamboo is a fast growing tree and familiar with tropical countries. In particular, Vietnam is specially endowed by nature with a wide range of species and our climate and soil are also suitable for indigenous ones with high use value on a large scale. It's bamboo which is a symbol of Vietnamese village culture and represents the image of Vietnamese farmers.

Therefore, the bamboo is not only is a species with nature of endurance, supple and diverse applications but also contain the soul of the Vietnamese people.

Over the centuries, bamboo products have been researched, developed as well as used more and more widely in over the world while its applicability and aesthetics is higher and higher.




The coconut wood makes a viable and ecologically-sound substitute for hardwood. It has properties comparable to the material we have been accustomed to using.

Wooden utensils have been used for centuries as kitchen tools all over the world. They are a cook’s best friend and perfect for stirring food, as wood is naturally anti-bacterial.

Wooden spoons and utensils also do not conduct heat, will not scratch pans and food won’t stick to it easily.

Coconut wood is sourced from the coconut palm tree widely available in Mekong delta from plantations that are dedicated to growing coconuts.





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